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Asray Seba Foundation

Regn. No. Dha-08655/09

Mission Vision:

The organization has been established under the title of Asray Seba Foundation (Shelter Services Foundation) for the purpose of continuing the overall efforts for the overall development of the disadvantaged and poor people with disabilities and for the implementation of the welfare of the miserable people.

Founder: Preliminary
Mr. Md. Sazzadur Rahman Badal is the founding director of Asray Seba Foundation, received the highest education on social welfare, in order to restore the rights of the disadvantaged, disenfranchised and impoverished people of the country, he was initially responsible for providing education in various areas of the capital including Kamalapur, Khilgaon, Bashabo, Lalbagh, Mahammadpur and Motijheel. He was instrumental in the implementation of all socio-economic development activities, including the provision of free medical services by providing labor and talent. In order to expand the scope of work, he sought to expedite the ongoing activities of the organization by establishing the Asray Seba Foundation on July 28, 2009 and he feels human satisfaction by devoting himself to the welfare of the miserable people and taking social responsibility.

This social development organization under the title Asray Seba Foundation was registered by the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 2009 under the Voluntary Social Welfare Institutions (Registration and Regulation) Ordinance (No. 46) of 1961 of the Department of Social Services. Whose Registration Number: Dha-08655.

Current activities:
The following activities are under the management of the organization.

1. Education services:
Shelter Primary Education and Holy Quran Sharif Education Activities are being continued through the establishment of an academy titled Unpaid Children and Adult Education. All educational materials are provided free of cost by the organization.

2. Health care:
The organization continues to provide medical services to the poorest people at its own expense by setting up a free medical center called Shelter Primary Health Care Center. The cost of all medicines and tests is borne by the organization.

3. Social services:
a) The funeral service of all religious services people under the title of Shelter burial service center is being conducted in accordance with their respective religions and the institution is being set up for the implementation of burial service activities.

b) Various social activities including blood donation program, distribution of food in celebration of national, national and international days are celebrated through this organization.

4. Entertainment services:
a) An online TV channel has been set up under the title Shelter Television. Through which the old and young students of the organization are ready to prepare themselves as social workers by enjoying the social reform program. The activities of the TV channel are currently in full swing.

b) ASRAY Scene Creatory is a non-profit manufacturing and distribution organization. Through this, various programs are made and garlands are broadcast on different channels including Shelter TV.

Future Activities:
Inshallah, we are committed to implementing our future action plan by accelerating the activities as per the following sectors.

1. Education services:
Inshallah, the work of the organization is in full swing with the aim of establishing the following educational institutions for teaching free reading.

a) ASRAY unpaid primary school
b) ASRAY unpaid high school
c) ASRAYunpaid college
d) ASRAY unpaid university
e) ASRAY Unpaid Disability School
f) ASRAY Unpaid Technical School

2. Health care:
Inshallah, the work of the organization is in full swing with the aim of establishing the following medical centers to provide free medical services.
a) ASRAY free healthcare center
b) ASRAY free maternity home
c) ASRAY Free Diagnostic Center
d) ASRAY Free Medical College
e) ASRAY Medicine Research and Factory

3. Food service:
Inshallah, the following round-the-clock food supply organizations will continue their efforts to quench the hunger of the hungry people.

a) ASRAY Lillah food house

4. Textile services:
Inshallah, the following institutions will be set up to fill the gaps of umbrellas and clothes for the extremely poor people.

a) ASRAY  Lillah Bajraghar.

5. Accommodation services:
Inshallah, services will be provided by setting up the following institutions to provide safe housing to the disenfranchised, disabled and elderly people.

a) ASRAY Child Rehabilitation Service Center
b) ASRAY Elderly Rehabilitation Service Center
c) ASRAY Disability Rehabilitation Service Center.

6. Social services:
Inshallah, the following institutions will be set up to provide normal and prosperous life style to the drug addicted and destitute people.

a) ASRAY burial service center
b) Asray Drug Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Service Center
c) ASRAY Legal Aid Center

7. Financial Services:
Inshallah, the following institutions will be set up to provide non-refundable money for the welfare of the extremely poor people.

a) ASRAY Bank (Service only)

8. Entertainment services:
Inshallah, the following institutions will be established for the purpose of empowering the poorest people.

a) Asray Children and Adult Cultural Service Center
b) Asray Free Cultural Institute
c) Daily ASRAY talk
d) ASRAY Television (Satellite)
e) ASRAY Ecopark

Address of the organization:
Head Office:
1/2/B Motijheel
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone: 01306002286
Mail: asfoundation555@gmail.com
Web: www.asraysebafoundation.com

Head Office: